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  1. I was just discussing these issues today from a UK perspective. It’s just the same over here.

    The well-educated, well-connected and idle rich, use government power to gain advantages over the poor. Mainstream society needs a progressive cover story to justify this oppression, and it helps the morally sensitive continue to participate in this exploitation on a mass scale under the guise of advancing society.

  2. Reminds me of Daniel Brandt’s prescient essay on multiculturalism


    Also read the redneck manifesto. Afrocentricism, academic theories about white privilege, and other gender politics nonsense was funded by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations to make blacks view all whites as the enemy and prevent a joint alliance against big government. t was divide and conquer

  3. Or how, as E. Michael Jones detailed in his brilliant “the slaughter of cities,” the WASP limousine liberal ruling elite bulldozed black neighborhoods through urban renewal and forcibly relocated blacks to catholic ones in order to engineer conflict between those two groups, conflict that was further exacerbated by school busing. The end result was that whites fled the cities for the suburbs, an migration that was subsidized by the federal government. The new suburbanites became republicans, the blacks left in the decimated, rotting cities, cities destroyed by big government, became democrats, and the two party system was upheld.

    • The Slaughter of Cities is a great read. Also ‘Devil’s Night’ by Ze’ev Chafets gives some solid documentation of the middle class whites who fled Detroit. And ‘Canarsie’ by Jonathan Rieder documents the same process in Brooklyn.

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