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Totalitarian Humanism and the Paradox of the Sexual Minority Rights Movement

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Totalitarian Humanism and the Paradox of the Sexual Minority Rights Movement

August 25, 2013

Keith Preston revisits his controversial 2009 article “Is Extremism in the Defense of Sodomy No Vice?” in light of recent news events.

Topics include:

  • The lengthy history of the persecution of sexual minorities by the state.
  • How sexual minority individuals like Chelsea Manning and Glenn Greenwald have taken the lead in the contemporary struggle against the state.
  • The contributions of homosexuals to past anarchist movements and the mixed record of anarchism’s relationship with homosexual rights issues.
  • How the sexual minority rights movement has ironically become a leading constituency for totalitarian humanism.
  • The increasingly flagrant nature of statist attacks on liberties of speech, religion, association, and exchange in the name of gay rights and overlapping movements.
  • The hypocrisy of Western elites’ condemnation of Russia’s anti-gay laws while ignoring much worse persecution of religious minorities in Egypt.
  • How the majority of anarchists and libertarians have turned a blind eye to the excesses, absurdities, and atrocities perpetrated by the forces of totalitarian humanism.
  • How their own cultural leftism prevents many libertarians and anarchism from recognizing left-wing authoritarianism for what it is and the cowardice this reflects.

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