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Beyond Partisanship: The Fundamentals of Pan-Secessionist Activism

Attack the System
Beyond Partisanship: The Fundamentals of Pan-Secessionist Activism

January 5, 2014

Keith Preston gives a comprehensive overview of the ARV-ATS strategic outlook and clarifies certain misconceptions.

Topics include:

  • Why the philosophy of self-determination transcends ordinary partisan boundaries.
  • The need to distinguish the meta-political and meta-strategic concepts related to pan-secessionism from the personal or collective views of individual activists or organizations.
  • The need for a federation of anti-state movements.
  • The possibility of an alliance of minor political parties around common interests.
  • A call for a Peoples’ Economic Front.
  • The need to cultivate anti-system political interest groups as allies and constituents.
  • The growing need for alternative means of delivering social services in a depressed economy with a bankrupt state.
  • The need for effective legal defense organizations that defend the rights of all who come under attack by the system.
  • The need to strengthen regional, cultural, ethnic, and religious identitarian organizations as intermediary institutions against the state.
  • The eventual need for civilian defense organizations.
  • Cultivating international allies and supporters.
  • How the system would respond to a pan-secessionist insurgency.
  • The need for mythical utopian visions that can inspire idealism and action.
  • Visions for the future and why pan-secessionism is not an “end of history” scheme.

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