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Attack the System S2: E12

Changing the name of the podcast, the death of DMX, DMX controversies, DMX animal cruelty charges, how celebrities and politicians are always praised when they die, welcoming Regan to the program as a guest host, Regan’s website Transforming the Darkness, Nancy Pelosi rents office space to pedophile-connected group, Matt Gaetz’s child sex trafficking investigation, how politicians blackmail each other, code of silence among politicians, how Gaetz got thrown under the bus by his colleagues, celebrity perverts, the war on terrorism has been going on for 20 years, Attack the System is now 20 years old, Scott Horton, how the USA cultivates allies and then turns on them, Antony Sutton, how international crises are manufactured, how the USA is going the same way as the Roman Empire by using proxy armies and mercenaries, Blackwater/Academi, the receding of Pax Americana, new world powers that may emerge in the future, Turkey as a rising nation, Dr. Drew and vaccine passports, Adam Corrolla, vaccinations required for international travel, restauranter who went to court and beat a mask mandate, how the law is a confused mess, how lawyers are working for the court and not the client, how the tax code is incomprehensible, coloring books with heavy metal band themes, Biden’s possible court-packing scheme, Biden’s joke press conference, how the cult-like atmosphere the Biden administration resembles North Korea, roles played by Democrats and Republicans in the government, how politicians are merely actors playing a part, how politics is like pro-wrestling, Biden and gun control, mass shootings in the USA, how American culture breeds pathological personalities, how America has a cultural foundation that is a weird mixture of individualism and puritanism, how the media glorifies mass shootings and exaggerates their frequency to create fear porn, moral panics and fear panics, how Tom Cotton is a tool, how prisons breed worse criminals, intelligence reports labels anarchists as extremists, how “anti-extremism” is merely about repressing dissent, how American societies is fragmenting into tribes who hate each other more than they hate the system, Iraqi boy born with three penises, effects of uranium in Iraq, fear of putting out one’s work, Regan’s prolific content, Keith is a natural contrarian, becoming who you are

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  1. Are ‘u silently thinking”oh, well,,,it’s not my child? God forbid! How many children grow up believing this is ‘normal’? Children should remain children -innocent of all evil- as long as they can be allowed to,,, it’s a great big evil world out there,, prepare them into the – don’t push them,,, they need a parents love ‘n understanding -they deserve it,,,,,

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