Update August 18, 2013 Reply

News of the Week
Update August 18, 2013

ATS News of the Week Commentary with Keith Preston.

Topics include:

  • The harassment of Glenn Greenwald’s partner in London.
  • The emerging left/right unity in opposition to the surveillance state.
  • The work of writers like John Whitehead and William Norman Grigg detailing the growth of the American police state.
  • How many on the Left are starting to realize the Left has failed to develop an effective opposition force against the Bush-Obama wars and surveillance regimes and how libertarians have picked up the torch.
  • Eric Holder’s belated recognition that America’s prison-industrial complex has gotten out of hand.
  • The declining influence of the neoconservatives in the GOP and their eclipse by realists like Rand Paul.
  • How the U.S. empire is losing its grip on Egypt and why Israel partisans are pushing for still more military intervention in the Middle East

File type: MP3
Length: 33:20
Bitrate: 32kb/s

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