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Where the Right Goes Wrong

Attack the System
Where the Right Goes Wrong

August 18, 2013

Keith Preston replies to conservative critic Todd Lewis’ critique of his work.

Topics include:

  • The actual origins and meaning of historic conservatism and why the contemporary American “conservative movement” is in fact a leftist movement.
  • The roots of conservatism and libertarianism in polar opposite historical and philosophical currents.
  • Why political anarchism and philosophical libertarianism are not synonymous.
  • A discussion of the moral skepticism of Friedrich Nietzsche and Max Stirner.
  • A comparison of the 20th century ideological wars with the wars of religion from the 17th century.
  • How political correctness and totalitarian humanism represent a secular outgrowth of older religious forms of moralism and universalism.
  • Parallels between classical Christian eschatology and modern secular totalitarian ideologies.

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