Attack the System and the Question of Identity Reply

Attack the System
ATS and the Question of Identity

July 8, 2013

Keith Preston discusses the theories of Daniel Byman of the RAND Corporation on the development of insurgent movements.

Topics include:

  • The identity of ARV/ATS as a challenge to the stagnant political ideas of the anarchist establishment and the foundation for a new anarchist movement.
  • The ambition of ARV/ATS to represent the near-universal discontent with “the system” now prevalent in American and other societies and offer a positive alternative vision.
  • The ongoing conflicts between ARV/ATS and the mainstream anarchist movement and why such conflicts are proper and necessary.
  • The need to cultivate alternative forms of identity in opposition to the state.
  • The need to replace patriotic loyalty to the state with ideological patriotism towards the anarchist struggle.
  • How the meta-identify of the anarchist struggle must contain within itself numerous sub-identities related to culture, ethnicity, religion, geography, occupation, and single issues to which individuals form passionate attachments.

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