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Kick the Puppy/Attack the System S2: E11

Opinion | Adapting to American Decline - The New York Times

Iran and China sign an economic and security agreement, US allies go their own way on Iran, American hegemony is receding, the coming “multi-order order,” Biden continues Trump’s trade policies with China,  China is an economic colony of the West, history of the US conflict with Iran, Republicans upset about For the People Act, tracing the funding of politicians and political parties, Derek Chauvin’s trial, did Chauvin and George Floyd know each other? police unions funding Chauvin’s defense, Minneapolis PD throwing Chauvin under the bus, will there be more riots if Chauvin is acquitted? Car attack at the Capitol, suicide by cop? three Capitol policemen killed this year, the Matt Gaetz scandal, is Gaetz being politically purged? wipes are clogging the sewer system, young adults are the most afraid of COVID-19, helicopter parenting, the dumbing down of Americans, mom arrested for being 7 minutes late to pick up her 10-year-old son from school, why laws are crippling, Andrew Sullivan on how politics has become a religion, conflicts within the elite, traditional WASP culture vs anti-WASP culture, Bill Bishop on how education is a political dividing line, how societies fragment into tribes, does tribal loyalty trump class conflict? US socioeconomic division the widest since the 1920s, cultural divisions widest since post-civil war era, class divisions with tribes, Americans are using stimulus checks to buy AR-15s, Grandmaster Jay’s No Fucking Around Coalition, how the political fringes overlap, the black anarchism of Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, is it possible to overcome tribal divisions to fight the establishment? attacks on Jimmy Dore and Glenn Greenwald, violence at anarchist book fairs, revolutionaries who don’t know how to use weapons, future social fragmentation, how the modern welfare state evolved

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  1. No cop was killed with a fire extinguisher on Jan 6 at the capitol.
    Do the research, there has been no official cause of death but blunt force trauma has long been ruled out. It’s another news media rumor that stuck in your heads.

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