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Libertarian Populism vs Totalitarian Humanism: The Battle for the 21st Century

Attack the System
Libertarian Populism vs Totalitarian Humanism: The Battle for the 21st Century

October 7, 2013

Keith Preston discusses the dynamics of political conflict as it will unfold over the coming century.

Topics include:

  • Pareto’s insight that political history involves perpetual struggles between elites and counter-elites.
  • The necessity of realizing that a far reaching revolution has occurred in the Western world over the past half century: cultural, demographic, generational, socioeconomic, and technological.
  • How the cultural radicals of the 1960s and 1970s undertook a long march through established institutions and came to power in the 1990s and 2000s.
  • How totalitarian humanism is the ideological superstructure of this revolution, and has replaced older ideologies as a means of legitimizing the empire, state, and plutocracy.
  • How revolutions are necessary phases in the evolution of civilization.
  • Why anarchists, libertarians, and anti-statists are historically to the left of liberals and socialists.
  • Why revolutionary anarchism will be the next phase in Western radicalism, and the need for an anarchist vanguard.
  • Libertarian populism as the means of creating a new political majority that will eventually eclipse totalitarian humanism.
  • Why the next wave of revolutionaries must succeed where the radicals of the 1960s and 1970s failed: The overthrow of the managerial state, the corporate plutocracy, and the imperialist empire.
  • How the anarchist principle of radical decentralization is the only effective means for achieving these goals.

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  1. Maybe, Anarchism is the far far right before the Pharaohs and kings of the ancient world. How did prehistoric people live, no state but very decentralized.. Anarchism is the system before 3,000 BCE.

  2. Well, the 1960’s met the revolution was going to be apart of the general society since SDS dominated more than the decentralized Hippie movement. In fact the hippie movement of living in communes and creating an alternative system died out. It was once popular during the Jesus movement where communes tried to be drug free and into reading the bible. The late Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel fame allow a lot of young hippie Christian types including the ill-fated Lonnie Frisbee to live in communes. Lonnie got more into preaching the word and spreading the Pentecostal gifts rather than promote the commune living style among Evangelicals. In fact the modern evangelical movement would be less into being against abortion and more into alternative living styles within christian morality than into right wing politics. A lot of the baby boomer Christians that were young in the Jesus Movement got married, got a job and had kids and join the religious right. It could have been different.

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