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Attack the System S2: E15

Thursdays the 13th, origins of Friday the 13th, significance of the number 12 in astrotheology, the biblical character Judas, Derek Chauvin and his co-defendants are indicted on federal civil rights charges, legal meaning of double jeopardy, the Rodney King case from 1991/92, LA riots in 1992, the attack on Reginald Denny, the TV show “In Living Color” and it wouldn’t be allowed on the air today, politically correct CIA videos “Humans of the CIA,” how the ruling class can co-opt any philosophy, how corporations have adopted “woke” ideology, the relationship between the CIA’s predecessor OSS and the Frankfurt School Marxists, the CIA’s Congress of Cultural Freedom as controlled opposition during the Cold War, how media personalities are fake, the film “Bob Roberts” from the early 90s, how the Red Tribe and Blue Tribe have both true believers and charlatans, Glenn Greenwald’s interview with Tucker Carlson on how power is distributed, how the ruling class is not conservative or leftists, how protest groups and faux radicals like Antifa are controlled opposition, how politics is like professional wrestling, how the ruling class wants different tribes fighting each other, Matt Taibbi’s book “Hate, Inc.,” how corporations that use slave labor in the Third World while adopting social justice slogans, Bernie Sanders and Noam Chomsky on conspiracy theories, how conspiracy theories are an American tradition, the film “Kingdom of Silence” on Saudi Arabia, how Saudi Arabia is a mafia state aligned with Wahhabist fundamentalism, how “woke” America’s two closest allies are an apartheid state and a theocratic absolute monarchy, how Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, how Saudi Arabia and Israel are export markets for US arms manufacturers underwritten by US taxpayers, the coming eviction crisis as the moratorium on rent expires, how corporations and foreign investors are buying up US housing as smaller landlords go bankrupt, how the USA is developing a class system like Latin America, McDonald’s workers strike in 15 cities, how service industries are hiring only part-time workers, children account for 22% of new COVID-19 cases, India is the new hotspot for COVID-19, new variants of coronavirus, how fully vaccinated people with serious health problems can still get COVID-19, the hazards of good health, attacks on Asian women in New York City, how accurate are statistics concerning the number of COVID-19 deaths?, Caitlyn Jenner running for governor of California, Virginia limits governors to one-term and have to sit out for at least one term before they can run again, Trump’s Facebook ban upheld, how the media, educational system, and tech companies are the new church, how stimulus checks brought Congress approval ratings up to 63%, how the media is shilling for Biden, how the Biden administration is a ruling class unity regime, lawsuit over voting rights in Florida, how elections are losing legitimacy due to political polarization, worldwide 1 in 5 elections involves violence, divisions between the Democrats and Republicans are the widest since the Civil War and Reconstruction, Jonathan Haidt on the reasons for political polarization and political psychology, how tribal/sectarian conflict in the US is becoming like the Middle East, how political conflict is a war between “psychological tribes,” genopolitics, how the pandemic exacerbated political conflict, long-term economic impact of the pandemic, remains of nine Neanderthals found in Italian cave, what happened to the Neanderthals?

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  1. Alot of us read the Yemen work, but if you post about it, you can lose your job.

    Commenting about butt tattoos will not cost you your job.

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