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The World According to ARV-ATS

Attack the System
The World According to ARV-ATS

September 29, 2013

Keith Preston discusses contemporary events from the perspective of the ARV-ATS philosophy and strategy.

Topics include:

  • How Putin’s upstaging of Obama over Syria indicates the American state’s loss of legitimacy.
  • The possibility of a bloc of “rogue nations” emerging in opposition to the empire.
  • Russia as a potential benefactor of fourth generation warfare tendencies.
  • The possibility of cooperation between rogue nations, independence movements and separatist forces, and fourth generation armies against the empire.
  • The empire’s ongoing belligerence against Iran.
  • The repression of Golden Dawn in Greece.
  • The growth of secessionist sentiment in the USA.
  • Obamacare vs the Republicans
  • Why the anarcho-pluralist, pan-secessionist outlook of ARV-ATS transcends conventional ideological boundaries
  • How contemporary paleoconservatism resembles the early New Left.
  • Lessons from the libertarian movement during its early years in the late 1960s and early 1970.


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  1. I echo Keith’s recommendation of The American Conservative. I’m a leftist but find it to be a very challenging and thoughtful magazine, even when I disagree with their writers. Can’t believe Pat Buchanan is associated with it, actually.

  2. Well, I’m disappointed that Pat Buchanan is so pro-Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is the usual Texas politician that has ties with the big business types. He wants to import over 300,000 high tech vistas a year and Pat is opposed to that. Pat is still too much traditional right and Vdare seems to spent its time trashing California which is typical of the right. California does have a lot of low skilled immigrants and La has a high poverty rate tied with Houston Texas on poverty. LA is more expensive but Vdare is doing what the Neo-conservatives and Tea Party type Libertarians do trash California all the time. Personality, I prefer San Diego over Houston and Dallas but Vdare doesn’t. I think Vdare is pissed that Orange County and San Diego that use to tilt the state of California on the right have lost the ability because of Mexicans and Asians and less conservative people there but why defend Rick Perry in Texas half the time like Steve Sailer does on the cheap housing of Texas and the South. The South has a high poverty issue and the left happens to be right on this. The South has too much of what is wrong with the Republican Party which prefers big business interest over the little guy.

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