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Attack the System S2: E14

Pig's head, blood left at former home of Chauvin defense witness

Derek Chauvin is guilty, how the law defines murder and manslaughter, how Chauvin was thrown under the bus to protect the system, the Justine Diamond case,  why police welfare checks are dangerous, criticism of the Chauvin trial as a show trial, how cops and civilians are held to different standards, Nancy Pelosi thanks George Floyd for being murdered, Supreme Court decision on juvenile sentencing, how a criminal’s risk of violence declines with age, how brain development is not complete until a person is in their mid-20s, FexEx gunman, red flag laws, New York City subway bomber, potential sedition charges for January 6 rioters, how Officer Brian Sicknick really died, the shooting of Ashli Babbit, explosives set off at a gender reveal party, how a gender reveal party caused a California wildfire, most charges against people arrested during George Floyd protests were dropped, proposed state legislation to outlaw protests, Aaron Sorkin’s film on the Chicago Seven, how Chicago Seven defendant Jerry Rubin predicted contemporary culture, how the New Left and New Right superseded the old New Deal paradigm, the New Left won on culture and the New Right won on economics and war, how today’s Democrats are yesterday’s liberal Republicans, whatever happened to the girl in the iconic photo of the Kent State shooting, growing political sectarianism in the USA, how Andrew Yang’s mayoral campaign is dividing Asian-Americans, how hate is profitable, Alex Haley’s famous Playboy interview with George Lincoln Rockwell, Matt Taibbi’s book Hate, Inc., how niche market media outlets fuel political conflict, Krystal Ball’s observations of media personalities, George W. Bush’s hilarious complaints about misinformation in the media, how liberals have tried to rehabilitate the Bush administration characters, similarities between George W. Bush and Robert McNamara, COVID-19 on Mount Everest, the impact of the pandemic in India, new variants of the coronavirus, House of Representives passes a bill to make Washington, D.C. into a state, Bill Kristol wants the USA to annex Cuba, repression of cryptocurrency by governments, unrealistic expectations from Bitcoin, how visiting Washington, D.C is an awful experience,

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  1. I’ll eat 2 hats if either of you can detonate a couple lbs of Tanerite and not immediately have a smile from ear to ear. Literally nobody has ever been able to keep a straight face when they realize they are responsible for the boom. If you come down south without shoes trying to fit in you WILL be laughed out of town by people who have 0 respect for ignorance. (P.S. Wear your socks as well you greasy savages.) 😏

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