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The Next 30 Years of American Politics

Attack the System
The Next 30 Years of American Politics

October 13, 2013

Keith Preston discusses how American political culture will likely develop over the next few decades.

Topics include:

  • Why the American Empire will continue to implode due to loss of legitimacy and fiscal constraints.
  • Why American society will become more diverse and integrated than ever before due to demographic change.
  • How more and more previously marginalized social groups will begin to demand recognition.
  • Why the Republican Party has no future.
  • How the war on drugs and the prison-industrial have leveled off and started to gradually recede.
  • How the Right will shrink in size but develop a more militant and oppositional stance over time.
  • How the Left will become more fractured and divided as its various constituent groups come into conflict with each other.
  • How Political Correctness and the nanny state will continue to grow and then level off.
  • The cyclical nature of American partisan politics and periods of repression.
  • Why social rebellion of the kind that occurred in the early 20th century will reappear in the United States in the decades ahead.
  • How anti-state movements are growing and working their way into the mainstream and must ultimately strive to replace the current center-left establishment.

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  1. I have an interesting view of immigration I think robots may killed immigration because in the future jose’s janitor job is being done by a robot or jose’s farm job is being done by a robot. This will not happen overnite but by 2025 most Mexicans from rural areas will here that a lot of the low skilled jobs that there parents or grandparents did in the USA are no longer available. Also, Mexico’s birthrate are dropping to the 2.0 or lower rate. Brazil is already at 1.8 percent. Hispanics growth in the US up until 2035 but start to decline around 2040. I think more Asian groups will come in since I read of jobs that are done by teleconferencing from India and so forth and an American is working for them.. Also, a Chinese Lawyer goes back and forth from the US and Taiwan. I think a lot of the economic crisis is the march of the machines because even in countries doing a lot of manufacturing like China robots and automation are use in fact even if lots of jobs have been outsource to China their factory employment peak in 1996. Unlike most on the right I think its not statism but the technological changed in many industries where automation and robots have killed some of the jobs. A new group coming in the US are Middle Eastern people Arabs and Egyptians.

  2. As for demographic changed take Orange County where I used to live. the population over 65 is registered Republican at 51 percent and the under 30 is only 26 percent. Orange County got a big influx of Mexicans and different Asian groups like the Vietnamese, Koreans and so forth now its getting Middle Eastern people. In the short term it will be the Hispanic group the largest but by the further future it could be some of these middle eastern folks. This will happen a big way in Texas since the whites are only 31 percent of the childen under 5 there. Hispanics and now Asians and Middle Eastern people have moved to Texas.

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