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Attack the System S2: E13

Pros and Cons of American Imperialism | The Commentator

Another police killing in the Minneapolis area, Duante Wright, a cop who supposedly didn’t know the difference between a gun and a taser, bulk of police training is firearms training, the problems with hiring combat veterans as police officers, Joe Rogan’s interview with ex-cop Mike Wood, cops who view themselves as an army and the public as an enemy, the Blue Lives Matter flag, the USA has been involved in counterterrorism operations in 85 countries since 2018, the USA now has fewer troops stationed in other countries at any time since the 1920s, USA Today report on US counterterrorism operations, the war on terrorism has produced 37 million refugees, over 1 million deaths, Biden’s claim he wants to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, a shift from direct occupation to counterinsurgency model, the long-lasting impact of the Vietnam War on US political culture, how Afghanistan and Iraq made war even more unpopular, fracturing among US foreign policy establishment, different factions of the foreign policy elite, Afghanistan is a political liability, civilian governmental sectors vs the Pentagon, the antiwar vote is a very small voting block, USA is now rated #79 in the world in terms of political stability, how most countries are unstable including most democracies, why larger countries tend to be more unstable, why internal political conflict will cause the USA to retreat from the world, Henry Kissinger suggests that American power is slowly receding, the emergence of a transnational power elite, transnational dynasties in past times, how nationalism developed in the 19th century, Kissinger’s bloody legacy, Kissinger as a barometer for ruling class opinion, stolen Confederate antique held for ransom, Assata Shakur is the aunt of Tupac Skakur, Black Lives Matter leader is a multi-millionaire real estate investor in exclusive white neighborhoods, the diversity of Black Lives Matter, Google is blocking advertisers from targeting political YouTube videos, government pressure on tech companies to censor content, the Adam Toledo case, how America’s police state has become so large it impacts people of all backgrounds, Derek Chauvin’s trial, why police bodycam videos should be publicly available, how television coverage of the Vietnam War fueled antiwar sentiment, how Bush and Obama tried to prevent war footage from being made available to the public, the myth of Jessica Lynch, the later war journalist Michael Kelly, problems with green technology, how the Green New Deal is a corporate scam, upcoming webinar on the Greener New Deal on May 5, “Planet of the Humans” film, Ted Kaczynski’s book, slow growth/no growth vs. nuclear power, how nuclear power has become safer, economic conflict between the Global North and Global North, how billionaires are assholes, people have anxiety about going back to work post-pandemic, the impact of the lockdown on children

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