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The State of the Resistance: Five Years Into the Age of Obama

Attack the System
The State of the Resistance: Five Years Into the Age of Obama

April 7, 2014


Keith Preston critiques the growing libertarian movement within the context of current political trends in the United States. Topics include:

Topics include:

  • How libertarianism has grown in popularity since 2007.
  • Why the libertarian movement is merely a microcosm of the wider society.
  • How the mainstream right is experiencing a growing conflict between libertarians, neoconservatives, and social conservatives.
  • The bleak future of the Republican Party.</li.
  • The probability of the neoconservatives future return to the Democratic Party.
  • How the corporate class is attempting to co-opt libertarianism.
  • How the political class of the future will be a triumvirate of neoconservatives, progressive liberals, and the hard left.
  • Why the present day anarchist milieu is not a movement for functional adults.
  • Emerging cracks in the left’s coalition of constituents.
  • The need to cultivate much better quality anarchist and libertarian movements in the decades ahead so that these movements will be prepared for the crises that will unfold as the twenty-first century progresses.

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  1. You want less government health care, then set up private clinics which the Koch brothers will not due.

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