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Attack the System: A Culture War Showdown at the Supreme Court

Attack the System
A Culture War Showdown at the Supreme Court

June 30, 2013

Keith Preston discusses the background and implications of the Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage. Topics include:

Topics include:

  • The historic role of the American judiciary as the legal arm of the ruling class.
  • The mid-twentieth century shift in American jurisprudence towards the Left.
  • The conservative backlash, Republican efforts to pack the judiciary with right-wing appointees, and how conservative successes became failures.
  • Why gay marriage has so much symbolic value to both Left and Right even if its practical impact is negligible.
  • How cultural, generational, and demographic change will affect the future of the American judiciary.
  • Why the Left that will dominate the judiciary in the future will be much more authoritarian and statist than the liberal and progressive Left of past times.

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