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Sometimes It Sucks to Be Right

Attack the System
Sometimes It Sucks to Be Right

September 8, 2013

Keith Preston revisits some of the core ATS documents in light of contemporary events.

Topics include:

  • How the neoconservatives have been eclipsed by the liberal internationalists as predicted in the 2003 essay “Philosophical Anarchism and the Death of Empire.”
  • How a resurgent Russia is challenging the unipolar American empire as predicted in the same essay.
  • How the liberal internationalist/cultural Marxist alliance has become the dominant ruling class faction as predicted in the “Liberty and Populism” essay.
  • How totalitarian humanism is emerging as the ideological foundation of the present march towards ever greater state repression as predicted in past ATS analysis.
  • How ARV-ATS concepts like anarcho-pluralism, radical localism, pan-secessionism, and anti-totalitarian humanism are spreading into an ever greater number of political currents, including those who are outside of or even hostile to ARV-ATS.
  • How escalating state repression against dissident movements will necessitate the formation of a grand alliance against the common enemy, and how only anarcho-pluralism and pan-secessionist provide the framework for such an alliance.
  • The revolutionary vision of ARV-ATS for a future civilization that has hardly been conceived of at present.

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