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Keith on Bilderberg, Leslie Van Houten, the Surveillance State, and more

News of the Week
Bilderberg, Leslie Van Houten, the Surveillance State, and more

June 9, 2013

ATS News of the Week Commentary with Keith Preston.

Topics include:

  • The participants in the current Bilderberg gathering.
  • The shooting in Santa Monica.
  • The parole hearing of former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten.
  • The death of a young Antifa in France.
  • Obama’s culpability in the growth of the surveillance state.
  • A discussion of Jeffrey St. Clair’s article on the decline of the American Left.
  • Scott Locklin’s article on why Americans are too fat and lazy for a revolution.
  • The need for an American Hezbollah.

Run time: 36:54

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  1. I like you talking about current events but you should have it uploaded to a youtube feed, the RSS feed does it in large bunches and its tempting to skip it. Oh youtube we will look at your broadcast and consider it more than an article.

    What if shootings/bombings is the work of smart people(with pretty much nothing to lose) trying to force the government to act quickly so the people will be willing to react against them. If the government continues to act slowly taking away our rights we will do nothing.

    There should be no life in prison for murder for murder. If the people believe a person has killed a person without good cause that person should be killed or exiled.

    If there is going to be a revolution it will have people gathering the poor, the unemployed, raiding prisons, we will have the support of many of the local police and other low paid employees. We will just need lines of communications ready and some type of chain of command(but to to accept anarchistic know orders are for a goal and you agree to them before each mission).

    I already have an idea for a better system but the best thing to do right now is to work on making smaller systems. Get rid of the federal government. If there was a revolution I don’t think they would be ready for a new system so I would be suggestion just going down to the state level. But I think private money is the biggest changing thing we could do to change the system but that takes a lot of effort from companies which I don’t think the people would be ready for during a revolution.

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