The Coming Golden Age of Anarchism

It is not unreasonable to suggest that the decades ahead will witness the unfolding of a golden age of anarchism. What is the evidence for this?

-The most powerful state in the world, the United States, the mother country of the empire, is slowly losing its internal legitimacy and serious political discontent is beginning to rise.

-Antiwar sentiment in the United States is at an all time high. War fever could rise again in the event of a war with ISIS or Iran, an intervention in Syria, or a confrontation with Russia. But none of these scenarios would turn out well for the United States in the long run. Instead, the state would continue to lose its legitimacy and antiwar and anti-imperialist feeling would come back on an even stronger level.

-Class divisions are the widest they have been in a century in the United States. This all but guarantees the re-emergence of class-based politics at some point in the future. Proponents of alternative forms of decentralist economics will then begin to find a ripe audience for their ideas.

-Public opinion is slowly turning against the police state, prison-industrial complex, and the war on drugs. Sentiment of this kind will likely begin to grow exponentially in the future. It is likely that resistance to domestic American fascism will be the civil rights movement of the 21st century.

-One in four Americans are now sympathetic to secession by their region or community, and these sympathies will probably increase as the system begins to deteriorate.

-One in four American adults now has a criminal record due to overcriminalization. This can only have the effect of undermining respect for the state and its legal decrees.

-The idea of the state as the savior of humanity is an idea that is coming under increasing disrepute. The fiscal debts alone of modern welfare states likely guarantee their ultimate demise.

-National patriotism is on the decline everywhere in the developed world, and citizens are rarely if ever willing to make sacrifices on behalf of the states that rule over them.

-Traditional forms of out-group hostility are increasingly unpopular and socially unacceptable, particularly among younger people, making it difficult for states to legitimize themselves on the basis of appeals to national, racial, cultural, or religious chauvinism.

-Past liberation movements for traditional out-groups have opened the door for the development of still more liberation movements.

-We are observing in the United States the gradual emergence of a libertarian-oriented “grey tribe” as a third force in opposition to the conventional state-centric “red” and “blue” tribes.

-The rapidly accelerating demographic change in the United States will render it increasingly more difficult for the United States to cohere as a continent-wide centralized regime, and to maintain control over an increasingly diverse society.

-The rise of the fourth generation warfare model is having the effect of undermining the legitimacy of states on a worldwide basis.

-The growing rift between the political class, and the military and law enforcement class, is having the effect of undermining the morale of the latter, and their loyalty to the former. Increased diversity within the ranks of the police and military will undermine the cohesion of those institutions.

-Technological innovations ranging from 3-D printing to crypto-currency will make it increasingly easier to evade the state in a variety of ways.

-The internet is allowing for the proliferation of an ever greater variety of independent media outlets, and is allowing information consumers to have access to an ever greater variety of sources of opinion.

-Anarchist and related or overlapping movements are continuing to grow at a significant pace in part because of the availability of social media and contemporary communications technology.

-Electoral participation continues to decline thereby undermining the legitimacy of the state’s coronation process.

-Growing concern about environmental difficulties will increasingly expose the inability of governments and corporations to effectively protect and preserve the environment.

-The adoption of totalitarian humanism as the self-legitimating ideology of the ruling classes will undermine the loyalty to institutionalized authority of those sectors that are normally the most conservative, and most likely to, for instance, join the ranks of the military and the police.

-Very timid opposition or protest movements have already appeared in the form of Occupy, the Tea Party, and the Ron Paulistas. These will be prototypes for much more radical movements in the future.

-The totalitarian humanist ruling coalition is inherently unstable, and ultimately has no unifying thread other than opposition to traditional W.A.S.P. hegemony. Eventually, this coalition will crack due its own internal contradictions.

-The state-centric Left will be increasingly discredited and people who want to rebel against society will ultimately have nowhere to go other than to libertarianism (of some kind) or to fascism. However, fascism maintains a level of social standing that is frequently comparable to that of pedophiles.This is not likely to change in an increasingly diverse society. Therefore, its growth potential is minimal.

-The excesses of totalitarian humanism will likely provoke a right-wing backlash in the future. Such a backlash may well be necessary. However, the prospect of fascists becoming genuinely competitive in Western politics at any point in the future is very remote. Even the populist-nationalist parties of Europe have had to moderate their ideology, rhetoric, and tactics to a great degree in order to obtain electoral legitimacy.

-The excesses of totalitarian humanism are indeed troublesome, but already opposition movements are beginning to rise in the form of such tendencies as the men’s rights activists, the dark enlightenment, and the neo-reactionaries. It is highly unlikely that these opposition movements will grow to dominant status, but they may fill the necessary role of obstructing the worst ambitions of the totalitarian humanists. Meanwhile, totalitarian humanism increasingly gives the appearance of being criticized in leftist and libertarian circles as well.

-The appearance of a libertarian-oriented radical opposition movement,or movements, in the United States that eventually brings down the ruling class of the mother country of the empire will have a worldwide ripple effect, and comparable movements will begin to appear in many different countries.

-Anarchism is historically to the left of Marxism. The Marxists dominated radicalism in the 20th century. Now it’s our turn.

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