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The American media war on Palestine

Episode 147 with Adam Johnson

On KK&F this week, we’re covering the Western media’s complicity in Israel’s attack on Palestine. Our guest is Adam Johnson of Citations Needed, joining us for an urgent conversation on how the mainstream coverage of the ongoing genocide of Palestinians has reinforced Israel’s oppressive power. Watch below:

Earlier this week, the Palestinian Ministry of Health released the names of over 7,000 Palestinians murdered by the Israeli government after President Biden callously called the death toll into question. News stories about violent acts committed by Hamas have gained wide traction without the bare minimum of fact-checking, while accounts of the atrocities committed against Palestinians are outright excluded or undermined by mainstream media.

Why is this the case? Why do the interests of our major news outlets align with Israeli oppression, especially when the interests of the average working American align with those of Palestinians fighting for survival? In this week’s episode, we analyze the media narratives circulating around Israel’s siege on Gaza — who’s creating them, who they’re intended for, and who they exclude. Thanks for joining us for this important conversation.

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