Blaming the Reds for Neoliberalism Reply

“Anyone who watched the video I posted three days ago, The Great Depression, will have seen firm documentary evidence pointing to a controlled demolition of the global economy. As a result of the fact that an increasing number of people are beginning to take these claims seriously, the paid agents of ‘alternative media’ have responded in typical fashion. According to Rush Limbaugh, the “communist virus” – led by representatives of the Democratic Party, presumably – are busy plotting the downfall of capitalism. He continues: “Are we just going to sit by and watch $22 trillion – that’s the value, that’s the sum total of the GDP, that’s the U.S. economy – are we just going to sit by here and watch it evaporate? Because that’s what we’re doing, under the guise of not losing any unnecessary life – meaning we want to try to save as many lives as we can.” After all, if you put a semblance of truth in the mouth of a right-wing conspiracy theorist, with a little political distortion thrown in for good measure, the American public is likely to dismiss it as total nonsense. Those who do believe it, on the other hand, are likely to blame everything on those irrepressible ‘reds under the beds’. The fact that Limbaugh has a personal fortune of $84.5 million might just provide you with one or two clues about who has actually been filling his pockets all these years.” -Troy Southgate

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Is Dollar Totalitarianism on the Way? 1

“Many people assume that the present crisis – engineered, as it is – will be followed by a more totalitarian system, but we should never lose sight of the fact that ‘liberal democracy’ is already a form of totalitarianism and the only difference between a system in which the leader of a political party is seen to be at the forefront of the decision-making process, as opposed to a more obvious dictator such as Hitler or Stalin, is that everything is presented in a considerably more benign fashion. In addition, those who actually vote for such politicians truly believe they have a stake in the system itself and this creates the illusion of choice. If and when things settle down and the mass media finally stops telling us that coronavirus is the new Black Death, it seems fairly certain that the world will be far more centralised. Not merely in terms of the lesser capitalists having fallen by the wayside and power being in the hands of an even smaller number of people, but also in terms of our ability to express meaningful political dissent.

Totalitarianism, therefore, which was there all along, might not seem as benign as it once was and this is precisely why the globalists will try to shore up their defences. One thing is certain, the triumph of a more ruthlessly streamlined economy will take place amid the promise of a swift return to normality. Those media sources which have been detailing the alleged boredom of confinement have already started to plant the seeds of resignation in the minds of the masses and those who are incapable of occupying their minds for more than five minutes will invariably accept the first thing that comes along. Even if they end up dancing in the streets with joy, as they did at the end of the Second World War, the feeling of emancipation that comes with leaving the confines of one’s home will become fuel for those who announce a new dawn of social freedom. Your chains will have tightened a little, but if we are to share the inestimable debt of the next few centuries then it will all be for the best. Keep your head down, work hard, and be sure to tell the authorities about those who dare to yearn for the slightly more palatable totalitarianism that came before.” -Troy Southgate

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Perspective Reply

“Here are some recent figures from the Italian National Health Institute (ISS), dealing with the type of people in Italy who have died as a result of the virus. Firstly, the average age of those who have tested positive and subsequently died currently stands at around 81 years of age. Note that 10% of the deceased are over 90, whilst 90% are over 70. Secondly, it should be noted that 80% of the deceased had already been suffering from two or more chronic diseases and that 50% had suffered from three or more chronic diseases. These include cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory problems and various forms of cancer. Thirdly, less than 1% of the deceased were healthy, i.e. persons without pre-existing chronic diseases. The report also states that Italian hospitals are struggling due to the number of people in intensive care, rather than the number of patients being accepted into the normal wards. It has also been suggested that the high number of deaths is due to the fact that Italy has the worst air quality in Europe and that this was itself the cause of existing respiratory problems. I’m sure you’ll agree that there is nothing like a bit of perspective, however grim the subject matter.

When you consider that 4,000 people have died in Spain and the country has a population of 46 million, it works out in the region of 0.008695652 %. Again, whilst I do not wish to trivialise the suffering of those who are most at risk this figure hardly justifies the apocalyptic hysteria we are getting from the mass media.” – Troy Southgate

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The Global Ruling Class Consolidates Its Position Reply

“It will be interesting to see whether the current pandemic is going to use as a controlled financial explosion, in the sense that an old factory building considered to have outstayed its welcome is carefully detonated in order for the site to be used for the construction of a more modern facility. As I’ve often stated before, I do not believe that countries such as China and Russia are on opposing sides to the West and that, ultimately, they are all trading together and have a clear interest in maintaining the global economy. Up to now, at least. One thing that occurred to me, especially in the wake of presently unsubstantiated theories that the West has launched some kind of biological attack on China as a covert act of war, is that both China and the West may be seeking to take advantage of a common trauma. In other words, just as people are brought together in the event of a shared ordeal it would not surprise me to see China and its allies use this exercise as a means of implementing some of China’s more totalitarian measures in Europe and North America. I am especially referring to the so-called Social Credit System, of course, which was first piloted in 2009 before coming under the direction of the Bank of China in 2018. Whilst this system is based on forcing people to improve their reputation by attaining as many social credits as possible, the punishment awaiting those who fail to acquire enough points includes financial blacklisting. Coupled with a mass surveillance system which includes the accumulation of personal data through facial recognition technology, Chinese citizens even lose points for alleged behavioural transgressions such as eating in public, playing loud music, littering, jaywalking and even failing to turn up at a restaurant after having reserved a table. Low credit ratings can also lead to one’s children being banned from schools and universities, not to mention city centres. Meanwhile, personal information about those who have failed to acquire sufficient points is emblazoned across cinema screens or displayed at metro stations and bus stops. Inevitably, this is also used to silence political dissent. Conversely, people are rewarded for making purchases from certain companies and this can allow them to secure preferential health care and better forms of employment. Needless to say, if China and the West are seen to undertake some kind of unified strategy in the wake of coronavirus this chilling system could well be the next global virus. I don’t have to tell you what the cure is.” -Troy Southgate

When People Fall Out of the Rat Race Only to Discover They Have No Other Life Reply

From Troy Southgate:

“People spend their lives complaining about work and yet when they are presented with an unexpected opportunity to step off the treadmill and spend time alone, or with their families, they descend into an undisciplined army of spoiled brats who have just been sent to their room for refusing to eat their greens. Inevitably, despite being surrounded by untold screens and other assorted gadgetry, the endless virtue-signalling begins and semi-literate diatribes bemoaning the sheer torture of having to spend the entire day indoors are smeared across social media like demonstrative excrement on the wall of a dissident prison cell. I am not suggesting that we should quietly obey the orders of our respective political masters like docile pets, or welcome the fact that other people are deciding when we should leave the house, but those of you who have slogged your guts out for the capitalist machine for some considerable time should embrace this period of comparative tranquility with open arms. Study art, learn a language, dig out that dusty old guitar or sit round the table with your children and actually learn to communicate. I hear the birds and insects are already reclaiming Venice, such has been the dramatic transformation of the environment in the absence of mass tourism. You, too, can rediscover your own nature and think about who and what you really are when you finally have the chance to spend a week or two away from the office terminal and the factory floor. Who knows, if there are food shortages lurking on the horizon you may even have something more authentic to complain about than having to spend more time in the company of your partner. Perhaps you will fulfil your hidden destiny at the barricades, or by dodging the bullets and truncheons of the Establishment mercenaries as you ram a stolen truck into a supermarket window and come away with enough fruit and vegetables to feed yourself and your neighbours for an entire month. Failing that, you could always take up origami.”

Marxism and Christianity: Analogous or Incompatible? Reply

By Troy Southgate

News from Nowhere

A NUMBER of political commentators have attempted to make a comparison between Marxism and Christianity, emphasising – and with some justification – that not only does each adhere to the linear mode of history, but that they also contain a series of composite elements which follow a rather similar pattern. Indeed, on the face of it there does seem to be a large degree of truth in this assertion and if we examine some of the key tenets it is clear to see why Marxism has always been regarded by its Christian counterparts as a dangerous rival:

(a) the Garden of Eden may be said to accord with the state one finds in Primitive Communism;

(b) the Fall of Man can be compared to the economic disparity one finds in the Division of Labour;

(c) Christ’s persecution can be interpreted as a symbol of the conflict one finds in class society;

(d) the Crucifixion is akin to a situation of revolutionary upheaval;

(e) The Kingdom of God, or Heaven, is analogous to the full realisation of a Communist utopia.


TROY SOUTHGATE (Thomas Sankara) & ADAM ORMES (The Individual in Community) Reply

Two leading National-Anarchists deliver their respective talks at a public meeting of the Associação de Jornalistas e Homens de Letras do Porto (Portugal), followed by a question and answer session involving both speakers. The organizers of this event were José Almeida and Manuel Rezende from Café Odisseia. 00:00 – TROY SOUTHGATE SPEECH 01:01:44 ADAM ORMES SPEECH

Troy Southgate Speech – Masters Of Our Own Destiny : Anarchy Beyond Ressentiment Reply

A must listen. This a much needed critique of the radical left and radical right alike.

Troy Southgate’s speech about Masters of our own Destiny : anarchy beyond ressentiment@ Second International N-AM Conference in UK,June 23-24 2018 More info :

Changing the World-for Real Reply

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“This is what we humans call Planet Earth. A big, blue-green mass of globular rotation with a surface of around 510 million km². Now, as you will observe, it is shown without borders or boundaries. Not because we National-Anarchists believe in the abolition of borders and boundaries, of course, the more the merrier, but due to the fact that we do not recognise the existing territories governed by the various nation-states or imperialist empires. We have turned our backs on their territorial designs and believe that fresh micronations must come into being; i.e. those formed by ordinary tribes, families and individuals. This is the beginning of a new world at the expense of the old. Not the planet itself, which we hope to replenish, but to the economic designs of the boardroom cartographers who are helping to destroy the great multiplicity that still endures. Look carefully and you will see the real world. Go ahead, take it. By all means respect the flora and fauna, but forget about ‘England’, ‘Germany’ and ‘Sweden’, countries which no longer reflect the ethnic or cultural aspirations of the peoples who settled and founded them originally. Discover your micronation, plant a flag in your own little piece of soil, surround yourself with those you love and live your life in the way that you choose. The world must become a rich and diverse canvas upon which to paint a billion organic landscapes and multiverses. In short, we must raise the periphery at the expense of the core.” -Troy Southgate