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The Tribal Multiverse

By Troy Southgate At the turn of the century, when I was still formulating my own National-Anarchist ideas, I made a point of saying that our communities must be based around a central or unifying vision and I still believe this to be the case. As an Absolute […]

Create Your Own Reality

“Rather than view ‘Western civilisation’ as something that must be saved in its entirety, I would prefer to see those with a ‘conservative’ mentality adopt a more eclectic approach. To pick and choose, define one’s own borders, create your own realities, distinguish between authentic culture and a national […]

A New Kind of Totalitarianism

By Troy Southgate I see that sections of the American Right are now accusing Bogeyman Soros of helping to bring about a ‘colour revolution’ on home soil. How convenient. That’s how it works, you see. The Left gets taken in by the lies that have been generated by […]

Black and White: Unite and Fight!

By Troy Southgate People have every right to fight back against the corrupt US system and its brutal mercenaries, but let’s not pretend that police violence is reserved for Black people. At the same time, the Right’s predictable response to Black Lives Matter is to claim that most […]

On Misrepresenting One’s Opponents

At long as I have known of national-anarchism, I have considered it be to a legitimate, interesting, and important form of anarchism. If other anarchists feel different, fine. The venerable anarchist principles of voluntary association and decentralization are our collective way around such conflicts. “We do not consider […]

No Return to Normal

By Troy Southgate Tens of millions are labouring under the false impression that the current state of emergency is about to come to an end and that things will soon return to ‘normal’. If these people had paid more attention to history, rather than eagerly consuming anything which […]

A Precarious State in Our History

By Troy Southgate When governments impose a state of emergency it is simply a method of regaining or increasing control. Following on from that, I would even argue that we entered this precarious stage in our history during the insurrections of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, when […]

Happy Carnation Revolution Day

By Troy Southgate Today marks the forty-sixth anniversary of the so-called Carnation Revolution (Revolução dos Cravos), but although large numbers of Portuguese continue to celebrate the events of April 25th, 1974, the entire occasion is but an annual display of collective psychosis. Not only was the possibility of […]

The White Coat Priesthood

“The latest American soap opera now playing to a captive audience – in the most literal sense – involves corporate puppet, Donald Trump, and fellow New Yorker Dr. Anthony Fauci. As you can see from the photographs, the presidential performer who professed to drag his heels over the […]

Socialism for the Ruling Class

It’s interesting how the ruling class already largely practices anarchism (in the sense of being exempt from laws) and socialism (in the sense of having their individual and collective needs met through socializing the costs). Who says socialist-anarchism can’t work? 🙂 By Troy Southgate Some of us have […]

Blaming the Reds for Neoliberalism

“Anyone who watched the video I posted three days ago, The Great Depression, will have seen firm documentary evidence pointing to a controlled demolition of the global economy. As a result of the fact that an increasing number of people are beginning to take these claims seriously, the […]

Is Dollar Totalitarianism on the Way?

“Many people assume that the present crisis – engineered, as it is – will be followed by a more totalitarian system, but we should never lose sight of the fact that ‘liberal democracy’ is already a form of totalitarianism and the only difference between a system in which […]


“Here are some recent figures from the Italian National Health Institute (ISS), dealing with the type of people in Italy who have died as a result of the virus. Firstly, the average age of those who have tested positive and subsequently died currently stands at around 81 years […]

Changing the World-for Real

“This is what we humans call Planet Earth. A big, blue-green mass of globular rotation with a surface of around 510 million km². Now, as you will observe, it is shown without borders or boundaries. Not because we National-Anarchists believe in the abolition of borders and boundaries, of […]