Media Falsely Claims Lockdown Protestors Are “Right Wing” Reply

One thing that I have found interesting about the pandemic is the way that so many anarchists have acquiesced to the supposed authority and expertise of scientism or the white coat priesthood, or passively accepted media narratives. In others words, they have simply deferred to the authority of the clergy.

“Our atheists are very pious people.” -Max Stirner

Twitter Silences Third Party Options Reply

The modern ruling class doesn’t bother with state-imposed censorship and instead farms it out to corporations, social media companies, and universities, which is why the First Amendment needs to be expanded to include all of these institutions.

It’s the same as when they don’t bother setting up a formal dictatorship. Instead, they just maintain a system of rule by organized bribery and oligarchic supremacy while maintaining formal democracy as a means of self-legitimization.

Trump’s REAL Foreign Policy Target Reply

By far, the worst things about Trump are his total subservience to Israel and Saudi Arabia, along with his Iranophobia and Sinophobia. Trump seems to be aligned with a neo-realist faction of the ruling class, deep state, and power elite that regards China as the primary enemy as opposed to the neocon and neoliberals who regard Russia as the main enemy. Kim’s analysis in this is pretty good, although she needs to pay more attention to the role of Israel in the US-Iran conflict.

‘What I Saw In The West Bank’ Series Is Coming! Reply

The most regrettable though predictable aspect of the recent uprising is that there has, for obvious reasons, been zero focus on the victims of state repression by the US and its allies in other countries. Most Americans, particularly the lumpenproletariat vanguard class, don’t know or don’t care about any of this, and the capitalist class/new clerisy elements that are trying to co-opt the insurrection wish to obscure it.