Politics (with Kim Iversen) Reply

Joshua and Ryan discuss local, national, and international politics; outrage and divisiveness in the current political climate; and the quagmire of disarray and turmoil created by tribalism and partisan politics with journalist and podcaster Kim Iversen. Watch “Maximal” episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast exclusively at http://patreon.com/theminimalists Questions answered in this episode: How can we help our government officials adopt more minimalist practices, especially with respect to budgets? (02:25) Which political party is most closely aligned with the principles of minimalism? (14:58) How do we all maintain balance in this heated political climate? (24:53)

A Movement For A Viable Third Party, A People’s Party- Nick Bana 3

This is quite interesting. Disaffected Sandernistas are seeking to build a populist-left mass people’s party that crosses over to the populist-right and disaffected Trump voters, and seeks to become a major party by 2024. Kim correctly points out that substantial sectors of the Left will be adamantly opposed to such an effort (“no platform” and all that). They point out that for this to work they need to focus on populist economic concerns and a non-interventionist foreign policy and leave the moral, cultural, identity, etc issues to the side.


Kim Iversen Calls Out The Hill’s The Rising As Corporate Media Reply

Rising is by far the best the “mainstream media” has to offer, which is why I post so much of their material here, but this guy’s critique of Rising, echoing Kim Iversen, for not being nearly radical enough is spot on. A real test of a media outlet’s actual oppositional credentials is the degree to which they are willing to criticize Israel. Notice that Tucker Carlson NEVER criticizes Israel. To my knowledge, Rising has never done a single segment that was critical of Israel.