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NEW ANIMATED VIDEO: How Proxy Wars Grow the Empire

Uncle Sam Enters the Cold War

The newest episode of our animated video series America: From Republic to Empire dives into the proxy wars of the Cold War era. With the old powers of Europe devastated following two world wars, the global stage is set for a new ideological battle between the US and the USSR. Americans are told that in order to fight an authoritarian state abroad, we must accept it at home.

In this video, we look at how the age of proxy wars results in American soldiers entering war zones to prop up anti-Soviet puppet regimes, resulting in conflicts such as Korea and Vietnam. The result is American blood and treasure sacrificed for the expansion of the American empire.

America: From Republic to Empire is our newest animated series dedicated to a revisionist look at US foreign policy. Catch up on the series by clicking here.

This series is made possible thanks to the generosity of James Kluttz. Watch our other beginners series by clicking here.

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