2012 Election Results and Pan-Secessionism

2012 election results color coded by state. Blue states for Obama, red states for Romney.

2012 election results by state, redrawn to visually represent the size of state by population.

2012 election results by county. Blue indicates a county that voted for Obama, red for Romney.

2012 election results by county redrawn to visually represent the size of county by population.

It is not surprising that the Urban Archipelago of liberal voters that held true for the election in 2000 still holds true today. A look at some voter statistics.

The left holds the cities, the right holds the rural counties. As totalitarian humanism and leftist cultural concerns become the narrative of the state, anti-empire & anti-globalist activists will have to work hard at peeling off disenfranchised constituent groups from the mainstream left such as the antiwar/civil liberties left, the urban underclass, racial minorities outside the liberal paradigm, ecological radicals, and lower class members of the traditional outgroups and/or left-wing constituent groups. As the GOP loses it’s ability to capture national elections we will find more and more sympathy from the right on our critiques of the liberal empire and universalism. This sympathy and support will come from the populist right and refugees from political correctness. From both sides we will find support in the sinking middle class and declasse. These are our ten core demographics for pan-secession from the empire.

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