Exodus: General Idea of the Revolution in the XXI Century

By Kevin Carson, Anarchist Library




Part One: Background

Chapter One: The Age of Mass and Maneuver

I. A Conflict of Visions

II. The Triumph of Mass in the Old Left

III. The Assault on Working Class Agency

IV. Workerism/Laborism

Chapter Two: Transition

I. Drastic Reductions in Necessary Outlays for the Means of Production

II. The Network Revolution and the Imploding Cost of Coordination

III. The Impotence of Enforcement, and Superiority of Circumvention to Resistance

IV. Superior General Efficiency and Low Overhead

V. Conclusion

Part Two. The Age of Exodus

Chapter Three: Horizontalism and Self-Activity Over Vanguard Institutions


I. The New Left

II. Autonomism

III. The 1968 Movements and the Transition to Horizontalist Praxis

IV. The Post-1994 Movements

Chapter Four: The Abandonment of Workerism

I. The Limited Relevance of Proletarianism in the Mass Production Age

II. Technology and the Declining Relevance of Proletarianism

III The Abandonment of Proletarianism by the New Left

IV. The Abandonment of Workerism in Praxis

Chapter Five: Evolutionary Transition Models

Introduction and Note on Terminology

I. Comparison to Previous Systemic Transitions

II. The Nature of Post-Capitalist Transition

Chapter Six: Interstitial Development and Exodus over Insurrection


I. The Split Within Autonomism

II. The Shift From the Factory to Society as the Main Locus of Productivity

III. Negri et al vs. the Commons

IV. Theoretical Implications

Chapter Seven: Interstitial Development: Practical Issues

I. Post-1968 (-1994?) Movements

II. Strategy

Chapter Eight: Interstitial Development: Engagement With the State

Part Three. Seeds beneath the Snow

Chapter Nine: The Commons Sector and the Theory of Municipalism


I. The Growth of the Commons Sector As a Lifeline

II. Municipalism: The City as Commons and Platform

Chapter Ten: Municipalism: Local Case Studies

I. North America

II. Europe

Chapter Eleven: Municipalism: Building Blocks

Chapter Twelve: The Global South and Federation

I. Commons-Based Economies in the Global South

II. Federation



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