The State: Theory and Praxis

Apparently, Kevin Carson, who is definitely the best modern anarchist economist, has a publicly available manuscript for a new book examining different theories of the state.  As many readers know, I lean toward a type of hybrid theory of left/right power elite models, a kind of intersection of James Burnham and C. Wright Mills, although modified for contemporary circumstances (the insights of Michael Lind and Joel Kotkin are helpful, for example).

By Kevin Carson

Part One: Origin and Theory of the State

Chapter One — Origin and History of the State

Chapter Two — Theory of the State: General Survey of the Ground

Chapter Three — Theory of the State: Interest Group Pluralism

Chapter Four — Theory of the State: Marx and Engels

Chapter Five — Theory of the State: Miliband and Instrumentalism

Chapter Six — Theory of the State: Corporate Liberalism

Chapter Seven — Theory of the State: Power Elite

Chapter Eight — Theory of the State: Structuralist Marxism

Chapter Nine — Theory of the State: State Autonomism

Chapter Ten — Theory of the State: “Cockup/Foulup” Theory

Chapter Eleven — Theory of the State: The Question of Democracy

Part Two: Praxis

Chapter Twelve — A General Survey of the Ground: Accelerationism, Saviorism, and The “Reformist” Bugbear

Chapter Thirteen — The Rupturalist Error vs. Interstitialism

Chapter Fourteen — The Many and the One

  • I. “Under Capitalism,” or the Essentializing Fallacy
  • II. The Belly of the Beast, the Form of the Destructor, and the Concupiscence of Power

Chapter Fifteen —  The Danger of Diversion and Cooptation, Non-Reformist Reforms, and the Need for a Dual Track


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