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Kamala Harris Is No Ally to Transwomen

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

“I have never really understood exactly what a ‘liberal’ is, since I have heard ‘liberals’ express every conceivable opinion on every conceivable subject. As far as I can tell, you have the extreme right, who are fascist racist capitalist dogs like Ronald Reagan, who come right out and let you know where they’re coming from. And on the opposite end, you have the left, who are supposed to be committed to justice, equality, and human rights. And somewhere between those two points is the liberal. As far as I’m concerned, ‘liberal’ is the most meaningless word in the dictionary.”

-Assata Shakur
“It’s not progressive to be soft on crime”
-Kamala Harris

All the shiny chattering skulls of Cablenewsland seemed to be beside themselves with an almost euphoric sense of inspiration. There didn’t appear to be enough words in the English dictionary to properly express their head over heels infatuation with our next vice president and beyond, Kamala Harris. Every botoxed buffoon from Joe Scarborough to Don Lemon was rendered dreamy eyed and stupid by Biden’s choice of human shield. To hear them gush about it you would think Rosa Parks had risen from the grave, dawned a smart power suit, and road on eagle’s wings to save them from the nightly ritual of verbal necrophilia that was necessary to keep old Joe’s corpse looking presidential. All of history could now be divided into two categories; Before Kamala and after the Neoliberal Enlightenment. After all, this was ‘It’ wasn’t it? This was the proof of the oligarchy’s color blind benevolence, and now, all across this great country, the winds of change could be felt. Little black girls woke up to a new day because now they knew that they too could aspire to run the most corrupt system on earth as long as they learned to step on other poor brown girls to get there. Wow! Just like a Lisa Frank folder with unicorns for wardens. Magical.

This whole fucking charade makes me fucking sick to my soul. I don’t know what it’s like to be a Black woman in America seeing a face like yours in the spotlight like that. Maybe it is neat. All that I know is that as a genderqueer transwoman in this country, the ecstatic adulation over Kamala Harris feels like a fucking slap in the face. This woman isn’t a goddamn civil rights icon. She’s a career menace. A declared enemy of my people and many others (including her own) with the human rights record of a Third World caudillo. The kind of inspiring figure that could only be the product of the Prison Industrial Complex. I mean, what the fuck have we been in the streets marching for for months? Did we really torch fucking cop cars and carve the words ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ into this empire’s fickle flesh just to shit our britches over Kamala the Top Cop starring in the role of graycare babysitter to the last of the crumbling Dixiecrats? Is this really enough for you?! Cornel West?!! Really?!!!


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  1. Do we know for sure that Kamala Harris has any portion of ‘black DNA’ in her? .
    Kamala is much lighter than pictures of her mother. Her father is not especially dark, but probably as dark as the mother. Google ‘ “kamala harris” father ‘

    Suppose Kamala’s mother screwed around in the early-mid 1960’s, got pregnant by a white guy, but then she ran to the best prospective ‘father’ she could find,
    Could that explain why Kamala is so light?

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