Trump’s Republican Party now has a ballot full of nutters

This is interesting. I’ve always thought that as the Republicans’ traditional constituents shrunk in size, they would increasingly become a fringe right-wing party, with the neocons and “moderate Republicans” going to the Democrats. It seems to be happening with figures like Laura Loomer winning primaries and the GOP fielding QAnon-affiliated candidates with guys like George Will endorsing Biden.

By Dana Milibank

Washington Post

What do you call it when your political movement has surrendered to loons who previously loomed on the shadowy fringe?

It’s called getting Loomered.

And that is precisely what has happened to the Republican Party.

Laura Loomer (R-Wackadoodle) won a Republican congressional primary in Florida Tuesday night, becoming the latest of a score of similarly bizarre figures to be chosen as the GOP standard-bearers in House and Senate races coast to coast.

Loomer has called Muslims “savages,” Islam “a cancer on society,” herself a “proud Islamophobe” and demanded “a non Islamic form of Uber or Lyft because I never want to support another Islamic immigrant driver.” She says she wants more migrants to die.

At her victory celebration Tuesday night, she stood with the founder of the white-nationalist group Proud Boys and too-radioactive-for Breitbart Milo Yiannopoulos. Her hate speech and ties to an anti-Muslim hate group have gotten her banned from Instagram, Medium, PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe, Lyft, Uber, Facebook (which she sued for $3 billion) and Twitter (she chained herself to its New York headquarters wearing a Holocaust-style yellow Star of David).

She stormed the stage at a Central Park Shakespeare production because the Julius Caesar figure resembled President Trump, and accused the theater troupe of being “ISIS” doing “assassination porn.” She tricked undocumented migrants she found outside a Home Depot into trespassing at Nancy Pelosi’s house in hopes of getting them deported, the Daily Beast’s Will Sommer reported. She trespassed at the California governor’s mansion wearing a sombrero and poncho. She burst onstage at the Women’s March, calling organizers Nazis and demanding: “What about the Jews?”


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