Month: June 2020

What Defund The Police REALLY means

Hint: It doesn’t really mean “defund the police.” Genuine defunding the police would be something similar to what has been done in Cheran, Mexico. The right-wing version of defunding the police would be something more like Latin America with private police functioning as mercenaries controlled by oligarchs, and […]

Far-right ‘boogaloo’ extremists may ‘target’ Washington, DC, intelligence assessments say

By Sonam Smith Business Insider Two new intelligence assessments warned that far-right individuals associated with the ‘boogaloo’ movement may soon target Washington, DC, Politico reported. One note, from the National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium (NTIC), said that “the District is likely a target for violent adherents of […]

Did Policing Really Come From Slavery?

It was more about class control on a general level. Modern policing systems began Europe during the Industrial Revolution as a means of controlling the working class. In America, it assumed a racial dimension because of America’s racial caste system, which made America somewhat different from the more […]

Gutfeld on when rioters come to your house

I’m not a fan of these FOX characters but it is interesting how the insurrectionists have attacked Democratic Party officials, CNN, the AFL-CIO, black politicians, a Native American Center, minority/immigrant owned businesses,  synagogues, etc. as well as cops, police precincts, courts, Confederate/Spanish Empire monuments, corporations, churches, etc. At […]

The Ungoverned Globe

This is a rather fascinating article, to say the least. A mainstream academic provides an overview of how the global capitalist empire, in which the American ruling class is the senior partner, actually functions.  He points out how the social democratic and national populist opposition parties are fraudulent, […]

Opt Out of the System

By Ricky “I am gonna be focusing on what I think needs to be a rallying cry. We can’t just think violence is gonna start society anew. With that, I think; the message should be on people focusing on: Self-reliance and in if you are incapable for whatever […]