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Did Policing Really Come From Slavery?

It was more about class control on a general level. Modern policing systems began Europe during the Industrial Revolution as a means of controlling the working class. In America, it assumed a racial dimension because of America’s racial caste system, which made America somewhat different from the more ethnically homogeneous societies in Europe. But the purpose of state policing system was always about controlling the “dangerous classes.”

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  1. Policing in the United States was always specifically about protecting property rights and the safety of the propertied (capitalist) classes more than ‘fighting crime’ and protecting the general citizenry from criminals. Police shot down white laborers on strike and killed white women and children in mining camps. Blacks were repressed rather harshly in their urban ghettos and down in the southern blackbelt but that also kept black crime in check and largely confined within the black community. Now, that has changed entirely over the past 40-50 years and thanks to BLM activism black criminals will largely receive a pass to commit mayhem as long as they aren’t targeting the ultra-wealthy or corporate properties.

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