Month: June 2020

Three Mutual Aid Networks in New York City

By Crimethinc Fundamental social change involves two intertwined processes. On the one hand, it means shutting down the mechanisms that impose disparities in power and access to resources; on the other hand, it involves creating infrastructures that distribute resources and power according to a different logic, weaving a […]

Yes, We Can Live Without Police

By Natasha “Could we live without the police?” It isn’t as out there as many seem to think. As Taoism, Confucianism, and other older beliefs rightfully point out, if a society is good, or rather natural/organic, then customs or dharma is respected therefore a ‘police’ is entirely unneeded. […]

Who Are the Lumpenproletariat?

The lumpenproletariat was too scary even for bourgeois radicals like Marx (the son of a Prussian state solicitor, i.e. a district attorney) and Engels (the son of a wealthy industrialist). In 2020, the lumenproletariat of all creeds, colors, genders, and geographies, made its move, however meagerly, against the […]