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Officer who shot Rayshard Brooks charged with felony murder

These court cases aren’t going to resolve anything. If this cop is convicted, he will be viewed as a victim of mob justice. If he is acquitted, it will be seen as just another case of the system looking out for their own.

New York Amsterdam News

The Atlanta officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks in the back after the fleeing man pointed a stun gun in his direction will be charged with felony murder and 10 other charges, a prosecutor said Wednesday.


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  1. I think the cop should be at least charged with manslaughter, and possibly 2nd degree murder. After all, the cop did indeed intentionally shoot him, with two bullets, in his chest. It’s hard to say that the cop didn’t intend to kill him.
    The taser, although it’s a ‘weapon’, is advertised as being ‘non-lethal’. Further, after being discharged twice, it is no longer functional. (Unless/until it is restored, at the factory or perhaps the shop. ).
    See Tennessee v. Garner (1985). Unless the person being pursued is a a seriously dangerous threat to the officer or others, it is illegitimate to use lethal force against him.

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