Month: June 2020

As It Should Be…

I first started developing the ideas that I would later come to call “pan-secessionism in the mid-1990s after notice the emergence of the “right-wing” antigovernment movement associated with the militias, sovereign citizens, tax protestors, and other similar groups. Of course, much of the left and certainly liberal opinion […]

Amazing Courage of Egyptian Protesters

The Arab Spring didn’t turn out so well. The Americans tried to co-opt it (like they’re doing with the present domestic uprising), and when that didn’t work they successfully destroyed it by backing Islamist elements that subverted it. That’s how we got ISIS, the Islamist dictatorship in Egypt, […]

The Next Stage of the Insurgency?

Already we have seen the destruction of enemy military bases, military vehicles, and star chambers, the direct expropriation of ruling class assets, the assassination of enemy troops, and demands for the releases of incarcerated insurgents. What would be the next stage? When will low-grade fourth-generation warfare be increased […]

A Letter From the Other Front

Crimethinc In this essay, anarchists from a rural area of the United States describe how people who live outside the urban centers can contribute to the movement against police violence and institutional white supremacy that has unfolded in response to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The […]

The Conservative Surrender

Tom Woods interviews Paul Gottfried about a new anthology in which I have a contribution. If you want to know who is pulling the strings of FOX News, you need to read this book. Listen here. With the present pitiful showing by conservatives as the backdrop, Paul Gottfried […]

How US Hegemony Ends

On this episode Mark talks with Alex Cooley and Dan Nexon, authors of ‘Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order.’ Scholars and pundits have been predicting the US’s decline as the singular world power since at least the 1970s. Now, with President Trump’s isolationist, nativist […]