Month: June 2020

The Supreme Court Has a Chance To End Qualified Immunity and Prevent Cases Like George Floyd’s

Giving cops “qualified immunity” is like giving physicians exemptions from malpractice lawsuits. By C.J. Ciaramella Reason The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer on Monday has reignited calls for national reforms to policing, including ending qualified immunity, a legal doctrine that civil liberties groups say has […]

Don’t Attack Small Businesses

From the owner of an Iranian-American owned restaurant that was vandalized by rioters. As a small business, we’ve been hit very hard during this pandemic. Last night, we were hit even harder. I came to the U.S over 50 years ago from Iran, a country where there is […]

Black and White: Unite and Fight!

By Troy Southgate People have every right to fight back against the corrupt US system and its brutal mercenaries, but let’s not pretend that police violence is reserved for Black people. At the same time, the Right’s predictable response to Black Lives Matter is to claim that most […]