What Would the Black Panthers Think of Black Lives Matter?

From 2017. The main disagreement I always had with the Black Panthers was not that they were “too radical” or “too terroristic.” Those were the things I liked about the Panthers. The problem I saw with them was their Marxist-Leninist orientation. The main problem I see with BLM is not that they are “too radical” but too reformist and too easily cooptable.

By Paul Street

Truth Dig

“You don’t have to be one of those conspiratorial curmudgeons who reduces every sign of popular protest to “George Soros money” to acknowledge that much of what passes for popular and progressive, grass-roots activism has been co-opted, taken over and/or created by corporate America, the corporate-funded “nonprofit industrial complex,” and Wall Street’s good friend, the Democratic Party, long known to leftists as “the graveyard of social movements.” This “corporatization of activism” (University of British Columbia professor Peter Dauvergne’s term) is ubiquitous across much of what passes for the left in the U.S. today. What about the racialist group Black Lives Matter, recipient of a mammoth $100 million grant from the Ford Foundation last year? Sparked by the racist security guard and police killings of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Eric Garner, BLM has achieved uncritical support across the progressive spectrum, where it is almost reflexively cited as an example of noble and radical grass-roots activism in the streets. That is a mistake.”

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