Month: June 2020

The Suicide of the Left

I have warned that the present wave of culture war vandalism and arson could quite possibly provoke a right-wing, “law and order” backlash. Bill Lind, the leading theorist of fourth generation warfare, seems to agree. Although I think Lind is discounting or ignoring the massive demographic, cultural, generational, […]

Snapshots from the Uprising

Crimethinc In the following analysis, we review the series of movements that led to the uprising in response to the murder of George Floyd, explore the factors that made the uprising so powerful, discuss the threats facing it, and conclude with a series of accounts from participants in […]

Revolution from the Bottom Up

When I was an orthodox left-wing anarchist, one of the things that eventually led to my present heterodox positions was the observation that every leftist revolution in which anarchists participated led to the repression of the anarchists by authoritarian leftists, or by right-wing reactionaries who managed to gain […]

The Great Statue Debate

Kyle is merely criticizing standard right-wing dumbassery in much of this, but one of the most important points he raises is that evidence shows that a majority of the US public still opposes removing Confederate monuments, and super-majority opposes removing historic American monuments.  When leftist revolutions fail, and […]

Why the Rich are Revolting

This article discusses the very important point that authoritarian/leftist revolutions are always carried out by the left-wing of the upper middle class almost as a matter of general historical law. Revolts can come from any layer of society. Historically, there have have revolts by slaves, peasants, workers, ethnic […]

Create Your Own Reality

“Rather than view ‘Western civilisation’ as something that must be saved in its entirety, I would prefer to see those with a ‘conservative’ mentality adopt a more eclectic approach. To pick and choose, define one’s own borders, create your own realities, distinguish between authentic culture and a national […]

Why LGBT People Should Be Conservative

In recent years, I have noticed an increasingly greater number of people from traditional outgroups who refer to themselves as “conservative,” just as I have noticed a growing wave of right-wing anti-capitalism. Obviously, these trends reflect the current establishmentarian tendency of blending cultural integration with intensified class oppression. […]

The System’s Neatest Trick

A Kaczynski classic from the early 2000s. By Ted Kaczynski Let’s begin by making clear that the System is not. The System is not George W. Bush and his advisers and appointees, it is not the cops who maltreat protesters, it is not the CEOs of the multinational […]