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Protesters remove 2 Confederate statues from Capitol, hanging 1 from Raleigh lightpost

That will stopping the bombing in Yemen.” -post on social media

During the French Revolution, actual persons were hung from the lamp posts. “Les aristocrates à la lanterne!”(meaning “aristocrats to the lamp-post!”) was a popular slogan in the revolution. I guess this is the wimpy, watered-down American version of a Cultural Revolution. Efforts to purge the past aside, Americans are still English liberals at heart.

News Observer
Protesters pulled down the bronze soldiers on the 75-foot Confederate monument at the state Capitol Friday night, then hung the statue of a cavalryman by its neck from a streetlight.

The other statue, an artilleryman, was dragged through the streets to the Wake County courthouse, and later carried away by police in a golf cart.

At one point, a protester pressed a knee into the neck of the statue at the courthouse, a reference to George Floyd, who died May 25 after a Minneapolis police officer took the same position for more than eight minutes. Protesters put a Black Lives Matter sign listing the names of black people killed by police on the statue’s chest.


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