Majority think Biden is in mental decline, but he’s still up by TEN points

One of the funniest headlines I’ve seen in a while.

Trump has the liabilities of presiding over Spanish Flu Two, Great Depression Two, 1968 Two, and, most of all, merely being Trump. Now he’s trailing a dementia patient whose party keeps him hidden away in a basement somewhere. Trump is even slipping among the religious right.

Krystal and Saagar compare and contrast recent polls from Real Clear Politics, CNN, and Reuters that all show Biden widening his lead as the front runner.

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  1. The major defect in most of these kinds of polls is that they don’t address the issue of the “discouraged voter”, the person who decides to not bother to show up on election day and actually vote.

    When the polls actually contact such people, and they are asked, “If the election were held today, who would you vote for?”, sure they will say who they PREFER. But that doesn’t actually mean they want to vote for them SUFFICIENTLY to show up on election day.

    Biden is a horrible candidate. Biden arranged to get his son, Hunter Biden, a $3 million bribe from Burisma, in Ukraine. They got much more from Red China. The biased media won’t address these fact. If they did, Biden Sr. would be “out” immediately.

    Why did Biden think they could get away with that $3 million bribe? Biden presumably was told in 2009that if nothing else changed, Hitlery Clinton was going to be candidate after Obama’s last term. He accepted that. Believing that he was politically “retired”, he felt comfortable accepting those bribes, assured that they wouldn’t assist his (non-existent) political future.
    But things change.

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