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The Suicide of the Left

I have warned that the present wave of culture war vandalism and arson could quite possibly provoke a right-wing, “law and order” backlash. Bill Lind, the leading theorist of fourth generation warfare, seems to agree. Although I think Lind is discounting or ignoring the massive demographic, cultural, generational, economic, and other changes that have happened in recent years.

By William S. Lind

Traditional Right

The cultural Marxists think they are riding high. Thousands of kids are demonstrating for “Black Lives Matter”. The Left’s long-running war on police is surging as panicked politicians throw the cops under the bus. Not only Confederate war memorials but those to Union forces as well, along with the World War ll memorial in the Washington mall, are desecrated. A commune is declared in a six-block area in Seattle. Anyone in the Establishment who offends in the slightest, most trivial way against Political Correctness is off to the guillotine. The Terror is again in full swing and the Jacobins are elated.

What is really happening here is not the triumph of the Left, but its suicide.

As I wrote in my last column, the young demonstrators are out there just to be out there, after two months of confinement, “social distancing”, masks, etc. have left them bored out of their skulls. Their commitment to “Black Lives Matter” (except to other blacks, who kill each other like flies) is a mile wide and an inch deep. The “cause” could as easily be vegetable rights, Save the Cockroaches, or banning discrimination against bovine flatulence. Anything that justifies their getting together in large numbers and making trouble works for them.


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