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John Bolton exclusive interview: Trump does not represent the Republican cause that I want to back

Well. well, well…Is Walrus man lobbying for a position in a future Biden administration? That would make the circle complete, and cement the recolonization of the Democrats by the neocons, along with the wider Deep State/chickenhawk/neoliberal/totalitarian humanist alliance. I figured this would happen.

By Con Coughlin


As a lifelong Republican who has held high office in the Reagan and both Bush administrations, John Bolton, Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor, is not someone who normally considers voting Democrat.

Yet, such is the strength of the 71-year-old Washington veteran’s disaffection with Mr Trump’s presidency, that this is precisely how he intends to cast his vote in November’s U.S. presidential election. Rather than voting for the president he served for 17 months as National Security Advisor until his resignation last year, Mr Bolton says he intends to vote for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate.


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  1. In mid-March 2016, the MSM admitted that it had given Trump about $2 billion in free publicity. Some estimates were much higher. By the time of the election, that estimate had gone way up.
    Google ‘trump $2 billion free publicity’ You could limit your search to before 11/1/2016, if you’d like

    One result:

    There are many other results. One is: by May 6, 2016

    So, whenever I want to peeve Trump-haters, I cite this statistic to show that Trump wasn’t a “grass-roots” _Republican_.

    Nevertheless, and despite being a lifetime libertarian, I was overjoyed when Hitlery Clinton was defeated. I was not, of course, overjoyed that Trump had won, but when you live in a de-facto 2-party system such as America, your choices are limited by Duverger’s Law.

    My main criticism of Trump, and it’s a large one, is that he hasn’t (yet) prosecuted the dozens of ex-Obama people, and ex-Hitlery people.

    Examples, Lois Lerner (IRS), and James Clapper: The limitations period (“Statute of limitations”) ran out about June 2018 on Clapper, which would have been plenty of time to prosecute him.

    The latter lied to the public, and to Congress, about whether America kept large amounts of information about Americans. Clapper’s answer was ‘no’, and the falsity of this was shortly exposed by Edward Snowden’s revelations.

    Having spent about 15,000 hours in a Federal prison law library, doing legal research on MANY subjects (not just criminal law or appeals law, like most ‘jailhouse lawyers’ do), I am quite satisfied that Hitlery violated the Federal Records Act and the Espionage Act. As well as Obstruction of Justice for ordering her people to delete those 33,000 emails.

    The fact that perhaps over 600,000 emails were eventually found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop was a further violation of the Espionage Act: Weiner may have had some security clearance, but it probably wasn’t high enough to support letting Weiner keep those emails in his laptop.

    He still has time to do that, but one big problem with the delay is that pushing this so close to the election puts it in danger of making it look like the only reason for the prosecution(s) is for political reasons. The excuse of COVID-19 exists, but I see no reason that the prosecutions couldn’t have started at least as early as 2018. I have no doubt that one reason the Republicans did so poorly in the 2018 elections is that their base was disappointed by this lack of timely prosecutions.

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