Trump opposed to removing Theodore Roosevelt’s statue outside Museum of Natural History

“When compared with the suppression of anarchy every other question sinks into insignificance. The anarchist is the enemy of humanity, the enemy of all mankind, and his is a deeper degree of criminality than any other. No immigrant is allowed to come to our shores if he is an anarchist; and no paper published here or abroad should be permitted circulation in this country if it propagates anarchist opinions.”

– President Theodore Roosevelt (April 9, 1908)

I suppose that, as an anarchist, I should be expected to present my oppression certificate and salute Teddy Roosevelt’s coming under fire from the Blue Tribe Khomeinists and SJW Taliban. But if I had never heard of anarchists before, and came across the above quote, I would likely think, “Who are these anarchists? I think I might like to be one.”

What is most interesting about this is that the “cleansing of the past” movement has now moved beyond that original attacks on the Confederate legacy, to attacks on the legacy of the Spanish Empire, to attacks on the “Founding Fathers” to attacks on comparatively more recent figures (and Progressives no less!) like Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt. But so far the Cultural Revolution seems to have fallen short of attacking any aspect of Americana after World War One. The logical next step would be to go after Franklin “internment camps” Roosevelt and “Hiroshima” Harry Truman. But this presents the Blue Guards with something of conundrum because they need these two for anti-fascism, the welfare state, and to maintain the legitimacy of the Democratic Party.

Interestingly, the most recent polls now show that a very slight majority of Americans favor the removal of the Confederate statues, which shows that the Left is winning the culture war on this question as they are on virtually all other questions. Attacks on World War Two and postwar era Americana would be the next logical steps in the Cultural Revolution, with 1968 proclaimed to be Year Zero on the Social Justice Calendar.

Another question is the matter of to what degree, if any, the Cultural Revolution will provoke a right-wing backlash. The 1968 riots produced Nixonism and the “silent majority,” the sexual revolution and counterculture produced Reaganism and the religious, and PC culture contributed to Trumpism and the Alt-Right. Typically, the way these things work is that the Left doesn’t know how to quit while they’re ahead, arousing the forces of reaction in response.

The end game of the totalitarian humanist revolutionaries, if they are consistent, would be the elimination of virtually any aspect of Americana prior to 1968, and the replacement of monuments, libraries, parks, schools, etc. named after any political incorrect figure with a tribute to a politically correct figure. Which means there are plenty of post-’68 figures that need to go as well, and not just Republicans. When will the Clintons and Joe Biden be headed to the guillotine?


(Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that he opposed removing the statue of Theodore Roosevelt outside New York City’s Museum of Natural History.

The move was announced on Sunday and comes amid anti-racism protests across the U.S. and the world after the death of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, in police custody on May 25 in the United States.

The statue shows Roosevelt on a horse, with a Native American man and an African man by his side.

Many have said the statue symbolizes racial discrimination and colonial expansion.


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