The Great Statue Debate

Kyle is merely criticizing standard right-wing dumbassery in much of this, but one of the most important points he raises is that evidence shows that a majority of the US public still opposes removing Confederate monuments, and super-majority opposes removing historic American monuments.  When leftist revolutions fail, and repression comes from the forces of reaction, a common cause of this is leftists pushing things to the point that they lose the support of common people. And nothing alienates commoners in these situations more than attacks on their perceived cultural, religious, or historical icons.

The Hungarian Revolution of 1919 failed in large part for these reasons (for example, the Bela Kun regime was adamant about introducing sexual education into state schools against the moral and religious sensibilities of commoners). The Spanish Revolution of 1936 alienated many peasants with its attacks on the Catholic Church. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 initially included secular leftists and Marxists whose anti-religious zealotry pushed the lower classes toward Khomeini’s totalitarian Shia fundamentalism. The US riots of 1968 helped secure Nixon’s electoral victory that year. The problem is that leftists often don’t know when to quit and end up shooting themselves in the ass in the process because they think ideologically and not tactically.

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