Joe Biden needs his Joe Biden. Here’s a look at the women under consideration as his vice presidential running mate

If Biden wins, and right now there is a good chance he will, his Veep will be the defacto acting Prez, although she will be no more important to policymaking than Kayleigh McEnany, and will simply act as the mouthpiece for the Deep State-neocon chickenhawk-neoliberal-Wall Street-Big Tech-technocratic surburban-new clerisy alliance that now comprises the dominant faction of the power elite and managerial class. The Spiro Agnew impersonators from Conservatism, Inc. will be allowed to stay on as the token opposition, of course.

By Rebecca Morin and Savannah Behrmann


The former vice president, who has committed to having a woman on the presidential ticket, has begun the vetting process for a running mate after announcing his vice presidential selection committee on April 30. He has said he wants to make his pick before Aug. 1.


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