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George Washington Statue in Portland Toppled, Covered in Burning U.S. Flag

LOL. Portland is a haven for fundamentalist factions of the Blue Tribe. The Blue Tribe Khomeinists reject the traditional American civil religion in toto, even in its modified center-left forms. When are they going to go after Lincoln? Honest Abe wanted to emancipate the slaves so they could be deported to Africa (“colonization” as it was called as the time), pretty much the same position as George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party from the 1960s. Attacking Lincoln might ironically win them the grudging admiration of the neo-Confederates. And they could win the favor of palecons and libertarians by attacking Franklin “internment camps” Roosevelt, “Hiroshima” Harry Truman, and Lyndon “Gulf of Tonkin” Johnson. If they really want to get bold they could go after Richard “War on Drugs” Nixon, Ronald “welfare queens” Reagan, George H W “Willie Horton” Bush, even Bill and Hillary “Superpredator”Clinton (along with Joe Biden!). Set your sights high, folks.

But they still need FDR and Truman for “anti-fascism” and the welfare state, LBJ for civil rights and the Great Society, and the Clintons and Biden to maintain the supposed legitimacy of the Democratic Party, while rehabilitating Reagan, the Bushes, and (lol) John Bolton in order to secure the alliance with the neocons against the Trumpists.

By Soo Kim


Amid ongoing protests following the killing of George Floyd, a statue of George Washington, the first president of the U.S., was torn down Thursday night by a group of people in Portland, Oregon’s largest city.


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