Month: June 2020

Stay Away from the Hysteria-Mongers

By Vince There’s a youtube video circulating claiming that outlaw motorcycle clubs are heading to Seattle to fight Antifa. The video uses years-old footage and provides no evidence whatsoever. The founder of the Hells Angels confirmed that this was fake, saying that this will “never happen.” There are […]

Major Theories Of History From The Greeks To Marxism

The Blue Tribe/Red Tribe conflict is essentially a religious conflict. The Blue Tribe is a religious coalition of adherents of the neo-pagan, Enlightenment-derived religion of reason, progress, and human perfectibility, various forms of “progressive” Christianity, and secularized neo-Christianity (like Marxism). The Red Tribe is a coalition of adherents […]

The Progressive Theory of History

Murray Rothbard on one of the more problematic features of left-wing thought. By Murray Rothbard Mises Institute [Excerpted from an edited transcript of “Ideology and Theories of History,” the first in a series of six lectures on the history of economic thought, given in 1986.] The Whig theory […]

South Carolina police release bodycam footage of officer shooting dead a black handcuffed shoplifting suspect outside a Walmart – after cops say he pointed a gun at them

By Emily Crane Daily Mail Ariane Lamont McCree, 28, was shot and killed by police outside a Walmart in Chester, South Carolina back in November Footage of the fatal shooting has only just been released after the incident sparked protests and community unrest in the small South Carolina […]