Tucker: The people pulling down statues are idiots

Carlson goes off his meds in this when he describes the rioters as the “armed militia of the Democratic Party.” But one thing he actually gets right is that the uprising is not just about racism, left-wing politics, George Floyd, or any of the other conventional talking points. This has been a direct attack on the state by the lumpenproletariat.

When he says that the insurgents probably “don’t know who the abolitionists were” he may be right in the sense that many of the real insurgents probably never graduated from high school and what formal education they have had has likely been of very poor quality. They may not know who George Washington or the Abolitionists were and they don’t need to.

That’s the point. The rebellion is far more than some leftist campus sit-in. It’s far more than a race riot. It’s more than a protest march by middle-class do-gooders. It’s far more than exaggerated sports rioters vandalizing statues as the latest version of streaking or a tide pod challenge. Elements of all of this may be present in the uprising but the uprising itself is bigger than all of it.


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