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Angry Arminian Mob Pulls Down Statue Of John Calvin

This is parody but I’ve known plenty of Arminians who would gladly do this and plenty of Calvinists who would gladly do the same. For the first 15 years of my life, I was an Arminian five days a week and a Calvinist on Sunday, lol. Kind of like the way I’m a far-left anarchist paleconservative today.

Babylon Bee

PITTSBURGH, PA—A rowdy gang of angry, riled-up Arminian believers gathered to pull down a statue of Reformer John Calvin standing in front of Calvin Reformed Bible College & Seminary, authorities confirmed Friday.

The band of Wesleyan troublemakers brought a rope, lassoed it around the neck of the stone likeness of Calvin, and yanked it down while yelling rallying cries like “Down with limited atonement!” “You’ll never take our free will!” and “For Servetus!”

Mob members then stomped on the statue and spray-painted crude Arminian slogans on the downed Reformer, according to police reports.


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