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Missouri woman fatally shot by sheriff’s deputy during traffic stop

A young white woman is killed by the pigs in a small Midwestern town. I have said for years that the US police state is now so massive that it has spread way beyond the inner-city black communities and into the rural areas, smaller towns, and even the suburbs among the middle-classes. That’s why the recent uprising has been so popular.

By Jackie Salo

New York Post

A 25-year-old Missouri woman was gunned down by a sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop over the weekend — and her parents aren’t buying authorities’ claims that she threatened to shoot the officer first.

Hannah Fizer was driving to work Saturday night in Sedalia when she ran a red light and was stopped, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Authorities say Fizer told the deputy she had a gun and threatened to shoot him — prompting the officer to open fire on her. She died a short time later.

But her father, John Fizer, said Monday that she never carried a gun — and he doesn’t believe she would have become aggressive with the officer.


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