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Fauci ADMITS LIVE government lied about masks to preserve supplies

Just like the traditional white collar priesthood, the newer white coat priesthood doesn’t mind “bearing false witness” when it’s convenient.

Krystal and Saagar react to Dr. Fauci’s interview where he admits health officials downplayed the importance of masks to save PPE for healthcare workers.

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  1. Uh, not all people who “admit” things are doing so HONESTLY. Many people like to criticize Trump for just about everything. One of my responses is this: In view of the fact that there are 50 states, and 50 state Governors, what did THEY do about the mask situation?

    The easiest thing these governmental leaders could have done would have been to PLACE ORDERS for masks, from the usual suppliers. That would have “primed the pump” for the supplies of masks.

    Did that happen? Eventually, maybe, but somehow I suspect that those 50 governors simply waited to be told to do something. We aren’t hearing about that, now, probably because the biased MSM has a different narrative that they are pushing.

    • One often overlooked aspect to this story is that Chinese ex-pats were buying up masks everywhere globally starting in December at least. We made about $2000 in one day on eBay doing so after we stumbled on a shipment. This was before the vast majority of Americans were even thinking about co-vid. They had all been shipped to China.

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